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Process Plant

Utilising our innovative suite of separation technologies, we comprehensively develop your process solution from conceptualisation and pilot testing to the full startup of your plant, ensuring guaranteed performance.

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Process Plant

From the inception of the concept to guaranteeing plant performance, we provide cutting-edge process solutions spanning a wide array of industries, including Esters & Emulsifiers, Animal Feed, and Biofuels, across all our technologies.

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Our Key Products

Food Processing

Introducing our solutions tailored for Esters & Emulsifier applications. These encompass a range of essential processes, including Continuous/Batch Reaction, Deglycerination, Deodorization, Bleaching, Short Path Distillation (SPD), and Spray Cooling.

Oleochemical & Chemical Processing

Kawan Engineering specialises in optimising production processes for Calcium Soap and Palm Kernel Cake, ensuring efficiency, quality, and sustainability throughout.

Waste Recovery

Our range of biofuels solution, including Black & White pallet, Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (HVO), Waste Oil Recovery, and Sludge Palm Oil (SPO). These renewable and efficient energy sources are at the forefront of reducing carbon footprints while delivering clean energy solutions.