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Heat Exchanger

A heat exchanger is a device engineered to transfer heat efficiently between two fluids or mediums, which are typically separated by a solid barrier to prevent mixing. Utilized across various industries, including HVAC, power generation, and manufacturing, heat exchangers play a crucial role in energy conservation and process optimization. Kawan Renergy offers a range of heat exchangers designed to meet specific operational demands while adhering to our stringent quality and performance standards.

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Heat Exchanger

Custom-made shell & tube heat exchangers such as Oil-to-Oil Economiser, Steam Condenser and Cooler. We offer a variety of heat exchanger types include Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger and high-efficiency heat exchangers such as Corrugated/ Spiral Tube Heat Exchanger and Welded Plate Heat Exchanger. Our Heat Exchangers are designed and built according to major International Codes and Standards, such as ASME, PED TEMA and API, in addition to different authority requirement such as Department Of Occupational Safety And Health (DOSH) Malaysia.

We specialize in Shell & Tube, Air Preheater / Cooler, Economiser and Steam Condenser.

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